The Capital Nature Investment Challenge

The Capital Nature Investment Challenge

Climate Solutions Prize

Early Stage Startups in Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Mobility, Green Construction-tech and Circularity
The Capital Nature Investment Challenge offers an equity investment opportunity to an Israeli early-stage startup developing an innovative technology aimed at decarbonizing the economy and reducing its environmental footprint, including in the following domains:

1.Energy Decarbonization and Decentralization:
  • Renewable and 'green' energy generation
  • Smart grid decentralization and management
  • Energy storage and efficiency  
2.Sustainable Mobility:
  • Clean automotive
  • Sustainable logistics
  • Smart cities  
3.Sustainable Construction:
  • Green construction (materials, methods, equipment)
  • Low-carbon buildings (operations, optimizations)
4.Circular Economy:
  • Sustainable management of natural resources (water, land, air)
  • Reusage & recycling
  • New materials
The focus is on (but not restricted to) companies with up to $4 million of previous investments and technologies ready for piloting or scaling up (TRLs 4-9).

Register to win an equity investment opportunity of $1 million USD by Capital Nature with an additional investment Partner.

* The equity investment opportunity is subject to the completion of corporate approvals, successful due diligence, and the signing of the SAFE Agreement. The SAFE Agreement (simple agreement for future equity) agreement shall be a SAFE that includes a discount of 20%, information rights, board member right, preemptive rights, and MFN. The cap of such SAFE shall be determined together by the Partner Organization and the Winner.

Application Process & Timeline
  • Applications open: March 1st - May 25th, 2022 
  • Applications reviewed: June - October 2022
    • Pitch event for shortlisted applications: July 2022 
  • Winners announced: October 25th-27th, 2022

For more details, please read the full Call for Solutions. (PDF for download below)  

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The Capital Nature Investment Challenge

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