Takeda Addressing Plastic Waste in the Plasma Industry

Takeda Addressing Plastic Waste in the Plasma Industry

Climate Solutions Prize

Addressing Plastic Waste in the Plasma Industry Challenge - Prize: $10,000 Cash Prize and an Engagement Package(*)

Takeda Addressing Plastic Waste in the Plasma Industry

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Within Takeda’s plasma-derived therapies business, BioLife Plasma Services operates a global network of more than 230 plasma donation centers collecting high-quality plasma which is used to product life-saving therapies. Our vision is to innovate the plasma donation journey responsibly, with a personal experience where everyone can help change a life and save a life.

The Climate Tech solutions that we are looking for:

Through our work collecting plasma from our donors, the centers generate a large volume of single-use plastic waste, both medical waste and non-hazardous waste. Through this challenge, Takeda is looking for solutions that provide the highest and best-use of this waste including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Novel recycling technologies to process plastic types not included in curb side commercial recycling programs in the United States and/or EU. Example: a company that accepts post-consumer plastics to repurpose into new, useful items 
  • New materials for medical processes with lower environmental impacts from their generation and disposal than single-use plastics. Example: A non-plastic packaging option for sterile medical devices or packaging made of a curbside recyclable plastic in the US 
  • On-site remediation technologies for medical waste enabling recycling within the US and/or EU. Example: 15 technology that could steam sterilize & shred medical waste to allow for more recycling options 
  • Packaging solutions that reduce waste generated during transportation. Example: A company focused on minimizing waste within packaging, light-weight materials 
  • Aggregation and logistics solutions to help with the distribution of waste across the United States. Example: A platform aggregating options of recyclers and companies with post-consumer waste

Apply now to this challenge and automatically qualify for all our 2023 Challenges. One application, multiple opportunities. Applications close August 8th.

(*) An Engagement Package consists of constructive feedback and the possibility to explore a pilot or commercial collaboration. 

For more details, please read the full Call for Solutions.

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Takeda Addressing Plastic Waste in the Plasma Industry

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